Ding Dong the Physical Chassis is Dead

Ding Dong, The Physical Chassis is Dead

Ding Dong the Physical Chassis is DeadWe at Silver Peak spend a good deal of time and effort touting the benefits of virtual WAN optimization. It is often more cost-effective than a physical solution. It can be downloaded and deployed in minutes from our marketplace. It reduces space and environmental costs in the branch office and data center. And you can say goodbye to costly hardware refreshes.

We are proud of the fact that we offer a full range of virtual appliances that scale from small branch offices to the largest data centers. On the high end, in fact, we are 20x the capacity of the next closest competitive virtual solution.

But I cannot tell you how many times I hear: “C’mon – Can a software solution really deliver the same performance, reliability and scale as a physical chassis?!?!”

(Many times this question seems to come right after the person spoke to a Riverbed sales rep.  Coincidence?)

Well, I am pleased to say that InfoWorld has just put that question to bed with its most recent review of the Silver Peak virtual solution. In it, InfoWorld clearly proves that you can have it all – ease of use, value, performance and breadth – all in a software-only solution.

InfoWorld awards Silver Peak Editor's Choice for Virtual WAN OptimizationAccording to the InfoWorld review, the Silver Peak virtual appliance “optimizes WAN traffic as well or better than comparable [Riverbed] physical chassis.”

Look, I know virtual isn’t for everyone (… yet). That’s why Silver Peak also has a great line of physical appliances. But if you are attracted by what virtual has to offer, don’t be misled by false claims about virtual performance.

As InfoWorld’s testing showed, a well-architected software solution can outperform a comparable hardware solution, plus bring innumerable other benefits. So to all other vendors only pushing hardware-based solutions I say: “This isn’t Kansas anymore.”