Improving Data Backup & Recovery #2 IT Priority (Infographic)

Disaster Recovery Data Protection ROI Infographic

A study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group found data backup and recovery to be the second most important IT priority for organizations over the next 12 months. The survey, conducted on behalf of Silver Peak, also revealed how critical data is perceived to be to an organization’s success.

Download the ESG report: Meeting the Impossible RPO – A Cost Analysis of Replication Acceleration Software

Limited bandwidth, congestion, and latency due to distance make replicating data across a WAN or to the cloud challenging. These factors can lead to an increase Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure costs and significantly affect total cost of ownership (TCO) for offsite data protection and disaster recovery. Silver Peak addresses these challenges to help storage professionals meet recovery point objectives (RPOs), increase geographic distances between datacenters, and reduce bandwidth expenditures normally associated with WANs.