Major Electronics Distributor Optimizes Global ERP Access

More and more customers are deploying Silver Peak to optimize a variety of applications, from branch offices to the data center.  Today, we find global electronics distributor Classic Components Corp. is optimizing centralized access to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with Silver Peak. Classic Components runs business-critical applications over its proprietary ERP system, which includes everything from quality control and business operations, to messaging and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

With distributed offices throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, Classic relies on the WAN to provide centralized access to critical IT systems. While this keeps costs to a minimum, locations such as Sao Paulo, Brazil and Shenzhen, China have poor quality local lines, where the shared WAN is subject to a variety of bandwidth, latency, and loss issues that make accessing the company’s centralized ERP system hosted in Torrance, Calif. a non-starter.

Rather than purchase expensive private-line connections for its global branch offices, Classic Components evaluated WAN optimization products from leading providers and selected Silver Peak’s NX appliances as their product-of-choice to optimize the more affordable local lines. Classic found the Silver Peak NX solution to provide the highest-level of performance and throughput, and was the only product evaluated that could optimize all forms of IP traffic.

Daniel Lee, director of IT at Classic said, “We are even getting 13.4Mbps from within China to the USA, while simultaneously stabilizing latency.  This is amazing since international access through local Chinese lines are notoriously congested, resulting in frustratingly low bandwidth and highly inconsistent latency.”