Silver Peak EMC VSPEX

EMC VSPEX Lab Validated Replication Acceleration

Silver Peak EMC VSPEXToday at EMC World 2014 in Las Vegas, Silver Peak announced a joint solution with EMC – Silver Peak with RecoverPoint for VSPEX. This is an exciting milestone and a culmination of a great deal of effort by both Silver Peak and EMC.

VSPEX is a reference architecture designed to help channel/reseller partners quickly deploy converged solutions (server,storage, networking). Similar in concept to VCE/VBLOCK, but different in that the solution is integrated by EMC reseller partners rather than by EMC/VCE. This provides integration/services revenue for the EMC reseller partner while providing a replicable solution that has been proven/tested by EMC.

The primary announcement is Silver Peak’s VSPEX-proven solution for RecoverPoint replication acceleration. Building off EMC’s VSPEX reference architecture for RecoverPoint, the Silver Peak solution allows channel partners to build (and customers to deploy) in a step-by-step, “cookbook” approach, Silver Peak Velocity Replication Acceleration solutions on top of RecoverPoint and EMC VNX. Silver Peak is the only data acceleration solution endorsed and available in a VSPEX-proven reference architecture. No other WAN optimization or data acceleration solution has achieved this certification.

“EMC VSPEX is a simple, efficient, and flexible solution optimized for the most popular use cases for customers moving to cloud computing. Silver Peak’s software-defined approach to data acceleration enables customers to further reduce their WAN bandwidth requirements and networking costs while taking advantage of EMC RecoverPoint replication over any distance.” – Gary Garcia, Director Global Solutions Marketing, VSPEX, EMC Corporation.

When combined with VSPEX for EMC RecoverPoint, Silver Peak and EMC enable customers to meet their RPOs regardless of WAN bandwidth, distance to remote locations, or quality of WAN (i.e. Internet VPN).  Silver Peak software provides the following advantages when deployed as part of a VSPEX with RecoverPoint solution:

  • Extend replication distance by reducing the impact of WAN latency. With Silver Peak and VSPEX for RecoverPoint, source/target arrays can be placed anywhere, ensuring business needs are not hampered by network limitations.
  • Fix WAN quality issues like dropped and out-of-order packets so replication can have consistent performance across low cost WANs, like MPLS and Internet VPNs rather than expensive, dedicated WAN links.
  • Prioritize replication traffic and guarantee bandwidth, so that voice, video, data and replication traffic can all coexist on one converged network. Silver Peak also complements EMC RecoverPoint with traffic shaping techniques that guarantee available bandwidth for replication traffic.
  • Maximize available bandwidth through byte-level deduplication and compression: Silver Peak complements the de-duplication in RecoverPoint by looking for recurring data patterns within data blocks and matching patterns across all applications sharing the WAN – not just RecoverPoint data.
  • Secure replication data in transit using Accelerated IPsec encryption.
  • Simplify deployment and troubleshooting with real-time dashboards that collect and display network conditions and monitor the performance of EMC replication traffic over the WAN.
  • Take the guesswork out of sizing and deploying Silver Peak with EMC VNX® and EMC RecoverPoint through VSPEX proven architecture.

This solution is available now and we are excited about additional go-to-market activities with EMC and the EMC channel in the coming months.