EV Group Manufacturing

EV Group Gets Über WAN Performance

EV Group ManufacturingFor a global company connecting multiple remote offices, it means overcoming wide area network (WAN) bandwidth, distance and quality challenges. This was the case for EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of precision systems for processing wafers for the semiconductor, microsystem and nanotechnology sectors. EVG deployed data acceleration software from Silver Peak to accelerate data and applications between its global offices on three continents.

EVG is constantly sending data between its head office in Austria and remote sites in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. In addition to transferring large files and backing up data from these remote sites, the company relies on a variety of 10, 20, and 50 megabit-per-second (Mbps) WAN connections for business-critical applications that include SAP, Siebel, Web, and email.

Alexander Olm with EV Group
Alexander Olm, head of IT infrastructure for EVG

“We were constantly encountering delays with our data transfers, which interfered with our workflows,” said Alexander Olm, head of IT infrastructure for EVG. “Silver Peak was the solution-of-choice for a number of reasons. Their products provide outstanding performance, offer excellent support for linking our remote offices and data centers, and are easy to implement.”

As part of the search for a suitable data acceleration solution, EVG examined data acceleration products from a number of leading suppliers. The company selected Silver Peak because of its software-based approach that gives the company flexibility to deploy virtual or physical WAN acceleration systems with equal performance, features, and functionality. EVG currently uses a variety of Silver Peak NX physical appliances and VX virtual machines running on VMware.

“In our experience, it is the ease-of-configuration and maintenance that makes the virtual solution ideal for our smaller offices,” Olm added. “Thanks to Silver Peak, centrally hosted applications accessed by staff at our remote sites run five-to-10 times faster.  All applications can be used fluidly.”