Magic Quadrant Positions Silver Peak as a WANop Leader

Silver Peak a Leader in Garner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization ControllersAfter a highly-successful 2011 filled with many great new clients, expanded data center partnerships, and the launch of ground-breaking products, Silver Peak is already starting out 2012 with a bang!

Today comes the very exciting and highly-anticipated news that Gartner has named Silver Peak a “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers.

Gartner positions Silver Peak as a Leader when the requirements for WAN optimization are at an all-time high.  Silver Peak is executing on a global scale with powerful and innovative products, highly-motivated channels and new and repeat customers who continue to select Silver Peak over the competition.  Gartner recognizes our strengths in data center capacity, virtualization and optimizing all traffic, and this report is just the latest indicator that the WAN optimization market is going through some fundamental change—with Silver Peak leading the way.

At the heart of this change is virtualization.  Interest in virtual WAN optimization is growing because of the flexible delivery, deployment and pricing options it provides.  Silver Peak leads the charge here with our Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), which allows WAN optimization to be deployed more conveniently and more cost-effectively than ever.  In particular, deployments of our VRX virtual data center product are growing rapidly, where some of the largest data centers in the world are demanding gigabit performance from a single virtual WAN optimization appliance.  Additionally, in just four short months, we saw more than 6,500 downloads of the VX-X, our free fully-functional virtual WAN optimizer.

We also witnessed another subtle yet significant shift in our market when our primary competitor, Riverbed, released new software that attempts to follow Silver Peak’s approach by optimizing non-TCP traffic. This is a separate architecture based on “tunneling,” which is a radical departure from Riverbed’s current architecture. Why is this significant? Because for years Riverbed has criticized tunnels as being “too technical” and dismissed non-TCP protocols as insignificant. This is an area of great strength for Silver Peak because of our networking heritage, where we have 17 patents that ensure easy-to-deploy, scalable, and robust optimization of all applications and traffic, regardless of transport protocol.

The WAN optimization market has essentially become a two-horse race, and the combination of our networking expertise, data center-class performance, and focus on enabling WAN optimization to be deployed anywhere has propelled us into a leadership position. Our placement in the Leaders Quadrant confirms that Silver Peak is on the move and leading the WAN optimization field with the most comprehensive and flexible options for deploying high-capacity WAN optimization anywhere and on any platform.

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