Silver Peak for Dell Compellent

Getting 30x Faster Dell Compellent Replication

Silver Peak for Dell CompellentWe’ve been working hard with the Dell storage team over the past few months and are now excited to announce some great, jointly-certified results with Silver Peak and Dell Compellent Remote Instant Replay replication.

While many customers had already deployed Silver Peak for Dell EqualLogic and Compellent remote replication (because of our strategic relationship with Dell), we wanted take the additional step of comprehensively testing Silver Peak with Compellent for a few reasons:

1) Understand in which environments Silver Peak would provide the most value to Dell Compellent customers,
2) Develop and publish deployment best-practices that provide the best outcome for customers consistently, and
3) Simplify deployment of the Silver Peak and Compellent joint solution.

The results were more than compelling (bad pun intended). Our joint testing showed that Silver Peak addressed many of the problems inherent in the wide area network (WAN) which affect replication. The result: Up to 30X improvement in replication times for Compellent remote instant replay.

We conducted hundreds of tests, but as an example, we tested a (typical) 155 megabit-per-second (Mbps) WAN and simulated replication between Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas (40 milliseconds of latency). Without Silver Peak, the time required to replicate a 200 gigabyte (GB) dataset was 13 hours, potentially causing a customer to miss their RPO. With Silver Peak, we reduced the replication time to 30 minutes, well within a customer’s replication window.

Another outcome of our joint testing was simplifying the deployment of the Silver Peak and Compellent solution. Normally, there would be many touch-points for deploying a solution like this – including the storage team, networking team, network provider, and others in the IT organization. With our virtual appliances and simplified deployment methodology (what we call Velocity), we took the time to deploy from days to minutes.

A great example of the ease of deployment comes from Denali Federal Credit Union, who improved replication performance by over 66 percent with Silver Peak and Dell Compellent. Prior to deploying the joint solution, replication of a 50 GB dataset between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska was taking 11 hours. After deploying Silver Peak, replication times were reduced to less than five hours.

Travis Rupp, associate vice president of project management at Denali said it best, “Silver Peak’s software is really simple to set up. We met our recovery point objectives without doing any special tweaks to the network or datasets, which really makes Silver Peak stand out.”

To make it even easier to purchase and deploy Silver Peak, we’ve created special “Velocity” programs to speed your purchase and deployment of Silver Peak and Compellent – starting at just $15,995 for a 1 year license and $29,995 for a perpetual software license.

If you want to check out the results in your own environment and see how to get up to 30X in under 30 minutes, simply download our free, 30-day trial.

(If you’re a EqualLogic customer, don’t fret, we have a bundle and resource center for EqualLogic too.)