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Giving Thanks for the Future of SDDC

Data CenterWhen I come back from an industry conference, I always like to see what members of the press have had to say about it. It’s interesting to compare the writer’s take to my own and see if we agree or differ on some of the prime messaging that occurred at the show.

One synopsis of the recent VMworld 2012 conference in particular caught my eye. Archana Venkatraman, site editor for, focused her review of the conference around VMware’s promotion of Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC), saying that the company was “touting it as the next best thing in IT.”

Venkatraman seems to question, however, if the time is right for enterprises to move to SDDC. She points to the comments of Naser Ali, segment manager of data centers at Eaton Electrical Group and notes, “But some see SDDC as beyond the usual “service” or ‘dynamic’ level of the datacentre maturity models, at a ‘visionary level.’ This puts SDDC on the post-cloud leading edge for many CIOs and could take up to 10 years before we see it hit the mainstream.”

It’s right to say that SDDC will mean the experience is needed across multiple silos to some extent, however, enterprises really need to see how beneficial this will be. It is effectively putting the power of IT in the hands of the people who really need it, whether it is application owners, virtualization managers or storage administrators. Today’s networking and storage teams are often stretched to the limit addressing core business needs, therefore SDDC could eventually be a significant relief to many organizations.

SDDC has the potential to transform the industry, so it makes sense that it will take a bit of time to take off completely. However, there’s no getting around the fact that software is the future. It’s the only way organizations can make the transition to the emerging world of anywhere, anytime and anybody access.

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