Going the Distance Down Under

Even as the world becomes “a smaller place” thanks to technology, organizations still can experience difficulties when their offices are spread out around the country, particularly when it comes to things like data replication for disaster recovery.

This was the issue for Greg Rowe and Associates (GRA), a Perth, Australia-based planning practice offering services crucial to Australia’s mineral resources boom. The company has offices spread out across Western Australia. The closest is in Mandurah, a mere 70 kilometers (about 42 miles) away, but others are located in Geraldton (431 km, 345 miles), Port Hedland (1,647 km, 988 mi) and the fly-in-fly-out town of Karratha, 1,538 kilometers (923 miles).

GRA was hampered by a slow, unreliable network resulting from the physical limitations of satellite networks and the vast distances involved. As a result, data transfers were taking too long, with an unacceptable degree of latency.

After a comprehensive system requirements audit by local Australian firm Silver Fern IT, GRA’s drafting support manager David McCulloch deployed Silver Peak’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software solution to accelerate data movement between data centers and branch offices.  Following the deployment, McCulloch branded Silver Peak “a phenomenal experience so far.”

Using an implementation of both hardware and software, the deployment had an immediate positive effect on GRA’s day-to-day business. Reliability improved immediately and downtime was eliminated. GRA now has a faster, more reliable WAN that improves productivity, accelerates file transfers, improves communications, and which makes a dramatic difference to the speed of its daily disaster recovery backups.

GRA reports that these backups “just run in the background—we simply don’t need to think about it.”

With all there is to think about in business, having one less thing to think about goes a long way.