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Highlights of our Recent Twitter #SDWANchat

A big thank you to everyone who was able to tune into our #SDWANchat Twitter discussion last Tuesday in real time. For those who didn’t catch our conversation with industry expert Zeus Kerravala, we wanted to share some of the highlights from the Twitter Chat.

We started off asking Zeus about the research he has done around SDN and SD-WAN, and how this is meeting the needs of IT professionals. During his presentation at ONUG Fall, Zeus covered the ways that different sizes and types of organizations might need to approach implementing SDN/SD-WAN in their networks.

Implementing SD-WAN

Zeus told us that, while there is tremendous interest in the topic of SD-WAN within the industry, the most pressing questions to those in IT have to do with the security implications surrounding the technology, as well as a general uncertainty on how to effectively deploy an SD-WAN. He also had a message for SD-WAN vendors looking to spur user interest:

SD-WAN benefits both large and small enterprise

Another topic we touched on relating to Zeus’ research had to do with the way in which different sizes of organizations can approach SD-WAN. According to Kerravala, all organizations — no matter their size — can take advantage of SD-WAN. While larger organizations have the ability to customize standard solutions to meet their needs, smaller organizations can gain valuable insights from larger deployments:

SD-WAN’s Benefits – Agility & Savings

Zeus compared the agility gained through the use of SD-WAN to the flexibility seen in the data center through widespread use of virtual machines (VMs). While SD-WAN promises increased IT agility, the benefits an enterprise can realize don’t stop there. Our chat also touched on the savings that organizations can see when decreasing their reliance on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and other legacy WAN technologies:

More interoperability needed

One of the key topics of ONUG Fall centered around interoperability. Silver Peak was among the vendors invited to demonstrate its interoperability with other popular IT systems. Silver Peak performed a live demonstration at ONUG highlighting interoperability with multiple vendors, including Nutanix, Infoblox, Zscaler, Pluribus, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  With SD-WAN still evolving as a segment, network managers need assurances that this rapidly emerging technology can actually interoperate with either existing or new systems.  As Zeus put it:

These are just some of the highlights of Tuesday’s chat you might like to see. There were many more points touched on in the live discussion, and we invite you to explore the #SDWANchat tag, or even better — join us live next time (Dec. 8th) when we look back at the year in SD-WAN, and explore the growth of the technology over the past 12 months. We hope you can tune in and join our discussion!