cloudy and clear skies

Holiday Internet Weather — Cloudy or Clear Skies?

As we move into the cold-weather season, savvy commuters know that poor weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on the time it takes to reach a destination — congestion, accidents, poor visibility — all of these have a cumulative slowdown effect.

The bad news for network managers is that bad “Internet weather” exists, too, and isn’t nearly as predictable as the meteorological forecasts. The Internet is very unpredictable, and even when you think you know the relative distance between two sites, the actual latency can vary dramatically.

Internet Weather Report

Earlier this year, Silver Peak tracked latency and loss statistics for two weeks across hundreds of routes and illustrated the results in an infographic (above).   As Black Friday/Cyber Monday approach, in the coming weeks we’ll be monitoring traffic to the top 20 US retailers, tracking the impact of this turbulent time on the cloud and SaaS, as well as forecasting the #HolidayInternetWeather (plus asking for reports from the field!), and releasing a new & updated infographic.

To kick off our initiative, on Wednesday Nov 19th we hosted a live Twitter chat with special guest Dave Strickler (@IntWeather) from We hope you were able to follow along live, but if you happened to miss it, don’t worry — we have you covered! Check out the highlights from our Q&A to gain some insight into Internet latency and congestion issues.

As we moved into the heavy shopping season, we put together some predictions for the Internet Weather for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014. The question was: Would our forecast be as accurate as the actual weatherman?

You may ask: Why would we monitor Internet Weather over the holiday? It turns out that the conditions around those two days make a perfect test bed for measuring the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet. Read our ‘Test Lab’ blog post to learn a little more about our methodology.

Once the holidays hit, we released some preliminary findings: “Stormy With Plenty of Delays“, said our Black Friday results, and our Cyber Monday readings were similar, showing ‘Rough Weather‘ interfering with cloud traffic across the internet.

To wrap everything up, we packaged the highlights of our findings in an infographic — we invite you to see our Holiday Internet Weather Infographic post for the final word on congestion and latency over the 2014 holiday season.

Holiday Internet Weather Map