Highlights from our #HolidayInternetWeather Twitter Chat With @IntWeather

Yesterday Silver Peak hosted a great live chat on Twitter focusing on the theme of #HolidayInternetWeather. We had plenty of questions around Internet congestion and latency for our special guest, Dave Strickler (@IntWeather), of InternetWeatherMap.com, and he had lots to say on the subject.  We hope you were able to follow along live, but if you weren’t able to catch us yesterday, here are the highlights of our Q&A:

A big thank you to Dave Strickler, and everyone who could join us for this inaugural live Twitter chat! Don’t forget to follow us here on the WAN Speak blog — as well as on Twitter — for more insights on #HolidayInternetWeather in the days ahead. And don’t forget to enter our #HolidayInternetWeather Twitter sweepstakes  — simply #TweetYourPing to us and you could win a GoPro camera!