Replacing Riverbed with Silver Peak

How Do You Replace Riverbed with Silver Peak?

How to replace Riverbed with Silver PeakAs the fast up-and-comer in the WAN optimization (WANop) market, Silver Peak is displacing Riverbed in the field with increased frequency. The reasons for replacing Riverbed vary greatly from customer to customer, but here are a few examples that are typically cited:

Forced Hardware Refresh – Riverbed often forces customers through a costly upgrade cycle to refresh outdated physical appliances.

Lack of application support – While an early pioneer in TCP acceleration, Riverbed has been slow to evolve its technology to address more current and emerging non-TCP based data center applications.

Lack of Scalability and Performance – Performance limitations, both physical and virtual, mean customers need to deploy significantly more Riverbed equipment than Silver Peak. It takes approximately 20 Riverbed virtual appliances to match the performance of a single Silver Peak VRX, for example, which adds substantial cost and management burden.

Whatever the reasons may be, many enterprises are looking for a change from Riverbed. Silver Peak makes comparison shopping extremely easy with our virtual appliances. If you’re a prospective customer, you can download any of our products in minutes and install them anywhere. In addition, you can eventually replace existing Riverbed hardware without a single minute of downtime.

Silver Peak’s own Adam Fuoss, a systems engineer who has been in the trenches replacing Riverbed gear, has created this simple “how-to” to demonstrate just how easy it is to replace the Riverbed Steelhead appliances with Silver Peak. Here’s how:

Step 1:  Deploy the Silver Peak physical or virtual machine in-line behind the Riverbed appliance

Step 2:  Configure Silver Peak for optimization, but leave it in pass-through mode

Step 3:  Enable Silver Peak acceleration

Step 4:  Set the Riverbed appliance to “bypass” mode

Step 5:  Remove the Riverbed appliance

Many of the world’s top brands have already replaced Riverbed with Silver Peak for WAN optimization, and the number of displacements is growing. With flexible, high-performance software that can be deployed on virtually any hardware platform, you can start reaping the cost and performance benefits of Silver Peak today.