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How Is Application Delivery like a Successful Economy?

Globe ChartA successful economy begins with government leaders who empower their people to thrive and prosper. But, what really defines a growing, successful global economic system?

A successful and growing economy provides adequate jobs, affordable housing, and accessible medical care. It’s about having the right resources to meet consumer and business demands. A successful economy maintains and supports its currency so people can save for retirement, and where reasonable taxes are levied so as not to impose undue hardship on one group, over another.

Performance, agility, reliability, and security are requirements for a successful economy, just as they are for successful application delivery over public and private networks.

A major factor that hampers the growth and success of any enterprise is instability. Achieving successful application delivery over the WAN is not unlike building a successful economy. Priming the economic engine that drives market demand and job growth takes fair and reasonable laws and infrastructure. By the same token, within a network, high traffic demands along with expensive, complex, and inefficient infrastructure will drive the need for stability and agile network infrastructure. WAN optimization technologies help achieve this stability.

Ingredients for success:

Economy WAN optimization
High employment Keep the network fully utilized
Low and stable inflation Lower bandwidth utilization
High and sustained economic growth High and sustained network traffic growth
Balanced budget (without a high deficit) Lower CAPEX/OPEX – stay within budget (no deficit)


For WANs, success is much more than speed and throughput. It is the sum of many parts that include “speeds and feeds,” as well as how intelligently and quickly applications are delivered to remote users. You might consider how many connections and decisions can be made each second? How well does the WAN optimizer automate and integrate into virtual environments? Performance is also measured by how well the WAN optimizer accelerates and optimizes network protocols, alleviates problems associated with distance, eases bandwidth consumption, and removes excessive and unnecessary data.

Just as successful economies are supported by leaders who empower their people to thrive and prosper, network administrators can help their organizations grow by using WAN optimization to deliver optimal performance and stability for truly successful application delivery.