How to Accelerate Dell EqualLogic Offsite Replication (Video)

Dell Accelerated by Silver Peak
Silver Peak software accelerating Dell EqualLogic replication between Round Rock, TX and Santa Clara, CA

This is a live demonstration of accelerating offsite replication with Dell EqualLogic and Silver Peak replication acceleration software.

In joint lab testing, Silver Peak demonstrated performance gains of up to 15x for replication throughput, while real-world deployments have realized up to 20x with up to 90% WAN bandwidth reduction. By replicating data faster over existing networks, customers can exceed recovery point objectives (RPO) while minimizing infrastructure costs.

With Silver Peak, Dell EqualLogic customers can replicate 20-times more data over existing connections, and ensure recovery point objectives (RPO) are met and disaster recovery costs are minimized by leveraging lower cost WAN infrastructures.