ZLTO meets five minute RPO

How ZLTO met a five minute RPO

ZLTO meets five minute RPOLots of companies around the globe are deploying Silver Peak with Dell EqualLogic to accelerate their offsite replication workloads. ZLTO in the Netherlands is a perfect example. ZLTO handles national relations for over 18,000 farmers across the Netherlands, but with data volumes on the rise, the association was having difficulty meeting its recovery point objective (RPO) over its existing network infrastructure.

ZLTO deployed Silver Peak software with a Dell EqualLogic storage solution to accelerate its offsite replication workloads and meet its five-minute RPO without upgrading the wide area network (WAN) infrastructure.

ZLTO has two Dell EqualLogic storage groups that are used as data stores for the company’s VMware virtualized environment. The association runs all local servers and applications from these SAN groups, with each location serving as a fail-over site for the other in the case of an unexpected outage. ZLTO had been allocating 20 Mbps of a 50 Mbps WAN for storage replication, which involves starting a new auto-replication process every five minutes for six different volumes in production.  But WAN bandwidth, distance and network quality challenges were continually slowing the replication processes.

Bart Haans, ICT manager for ZLTO said, “Even though the distance between our data center and disaster recovery site is not terribly long, we were still having difficulty replicating between the two locations. The WAN link between our two locations did not provide enough capacity to support rapid synchronization of all our volumes.”

With Silver Peak, ZLTO reduced the amount of bandwidth required for replication by 86%. In addition, ZLTO is now able to move almost 11 terabytes (TB) of traffic over the existing WAN in a 24-hour period, helping the association replicate all six of their production volumes in the desired five-minute intervals.

“We were able to install the solution simply by redirecting the traffic between the EqualLogic arrays through the Silver Peak virtual appliance,” added Haans. “No changes to the network were required, and we were up-and-running accelerating traffic in just a few hours.”

If your RPOs are falling short, just look at what ZLTO did and how you might replicate (no pun intended) what they did to meet your objectives.