IMMI Deploys Silver Peak SD-WAN

Case Study: IMMI Deploys Silver Peak SD-WAN Solution to Enhance User Experience

Company Overview

IMMI is an Indiana-based manufacturer of safety products, such as seat belts, car seats, and other specialized vehicle safety devices. It has over 1,600 employees in six countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. IMMI has invested heavily in computer assisted manufacturing for its main plant locations. In addition, it relies on Oracle ERP and Microsoft Office 365 in hosted locations for day-to-day productivity. The company continues to expand through acquisition and requires agile WAN communications to facilitate communications between its locations and to ensure optimal user experience with cloud-based applications.

Deployment of Silver Peak

Prior to this year, IMMI relied on Cisco ASA firewalls to provide secure IP VPN connections to its 12 main locations (headquarters, main data centers, and manufacturing plants). WAN connectivity is provided by a mix of high speed broadband Internet, private links, and 4G LTE (as back-up). IMMI found the Cisco ASAs complex and time consuming to manage, especially in remote locations.  Application performance across the company was negatively impacted from high latency and occasional brown outs due to reliance on Internet connectivity from distant locations (e.g. China), .

After careful evaluation of SD-WAN vendors and solutions, IMMI selected Silver Peak as its SD-WAN supplier. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect appliances are easy to set up – requiring only an IP address and a physical WAN connection to “phone home” and are managed centrally with Unity Orchestrator, simplifying configuration, deployment and troubleshooting.

Following the deployment of Silver Peak, application performance has improved in accordance with service level agreements and the firm is now able to deliver a consistent and predictable user experience.

EdgeConnect provides the following benefits:

  • Improved latency
  • Reduced packet loss
  • Link aggregation and bonding
  • Forward error correction
  • WAN fail over
  • Integrated WAN optimization (Unity Boost)

At some of its locations, IMMI has deployed two Silver Peak EdgeConnect appliances to provide high-availability hardware redundancy maximize application availability and minimize downtime.

During 2018, IMMI plans to retire the Cisco ASA firewalls at its smaller locations and rely exclusively on Silver Peak for WAN connectivity including routing. IMMI sees 4G LTE as a nice solution for its back-up WAN requirements. Over the next year, it will make increased use of 4G LTE as its primary back-up – except where either the data link speed of wireless is insufficient for its needs or where the cost of cellular data plans is prohibitive.


IMMI’s deployment of Silver Peak provides a classic example of how SD-WAN can improve application performance and user productivity. IMMI is leveraging low-cost Internet WAN links to connect its global locations and the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution delivers the quality of service and reliability required by IMMI. IMMI has reduced its operational complexity by replacing its firewalls with easy-to-use Silver Peak appliances.