In the Eye of the Storm with SDN

Eye of the StormWith winter storm Nemo fresh on our minds, we may consider just how vulnerable we are when weather pressure systems converge upon us.

Just a few short months ago Hurricane Sandy and another powerful storm system collided and profoundly affected tens of millions of people on the Eastern Seaboard.  Hurricane Sandy’s turbulent convergence with a cold front that moved in from the west, along with a southern dip in the jet stream from Canada, combined to make it “the perfect storm.”

A perfect storm is the extraordinary combination of circumstances that develop into a convergence, resulting in an event of unusual magnitude.  Information technology today is facing a major convergence with the onset of virtualization and cloud technologies.  Many IT organizations are rebuilding their data centers using virtualization and cloud architectures. New network architectures are being designed for greater agility, scalability, and easier management to handle more network traffic, dynamic application workloads, and vast amounts of data.

A perfect storm in the making is the confluence of autonomous compute, storage, and networking infrastructure rapidly converging into holistic virtualized IT architectures. In the middle of this super storm is Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and its possibilities are creating a huge change in how we view networking. Using SDN’s open, programmable, and automated architecture, IT organizations hope to tame and simplify the hassles of network management and gain end-to-end control of compute, storage, network, and virtual machine resources. With this new architecture, enterprises and cloud providers might find freedom from the constraints of today’s silo-driven IT infrastructure, and gain greater control over how their data center resources can be used to support their application workloads.

If difficulties associated with managing conventional network infrastructure make you feel like you’re being tossed around in the fury of a super storm, think about having seamless control over potentially all of your IT assets with SDN, for areas like disaster recovery and business continuity. You might find yourself in the eye of the storm where all is calm.

Image Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video (flickr) – CC-BY-2.0