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Indonesian Financial Services Firm Trades Up with Silver Peak

finance screen shotNow, here’s an example of WAN optimization having a positive impact on finances. Indonesian financial services leader, Sinarmas Sekuritas, has deployed Silver Peak to improve the performance and reliability of its e-trading application and other business critical apps.

Poor WAN quality and packet loss issues inherent with MPLS WANs in Indonesia were adversely impacting the reliability of applications between the company’s data center in Jakarta and remote branch offices in cities throughout Indonesia, including Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan.

To support the e-trading and collaboration applications, Sinarmas Sekuritas relies on a 20 Mbps MPLS WAN to its headquarters in Jakarta and 1 Mbps WAN connections to its smaller branch offices throughout Indonesia. WAN latency was upwards of 100 milliseconds between most branch offices, and packet loss was as high as 1%. What’s that like? Like getting only 1 Mbps of throughput on a 20 Mbps connection. Now THAT’S painful.

Silver Peak eliminated packet loss and significantly improved the reliability of the Sinarmas Sekuritas WAN infrastructure and critical e-trading application. This improved branch user efficiency with faster response times and more reliable access to applications–and is ultimately helping ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Sinarmas Sekuritas CTO Hermawan Hosein said it best: “Silver Peak does not care how files are named, when files are updated, or how they are transferred across the WAN—they optimize it all.”

It’s also cool to see the advantages of Silver Peak’s AutoSupport capabilities, which are especially helpful for enterprises with very remote offices. Silver Peak AutoSupport helps speed problem-resolution, helps avoids errors, and improves overall satisfaction with the products without human intervention.