Info-Tech WAN Optimization Vendor Landscape

Info-Tech Research says Silver Peak best value in WANop

Info-Tech WAN Optimization LandscapeInfo-Tech Research Group is a global leader in information technology research and analysis and it has just published its WAN optimization vendor landscape.

Of all the vendors profiled, Silver Peak was distinguished for providing the best value in WAN optimization. Silver Peak received Info-Tech’s “Value Award” for bringing data center class WAN optimization to any size organization with cost-effective and comprehensive virtual WANop solutions.

According to Mark Tauschek, lead research analyst for Info-Tech Research Group, “Silver Peak received the highest Info-Tech Value Score of the vendor group. Vendors were indexed against Silver Peak in Info-Tech’s Value Index to provide a comparative view of value in terms of dollars per feature.”

The Info-Tech WAN Optimization Vendor Landscape recommends that, “Businesses looking for a data center-to-data center solution, or those needing to connect hundreds of branch offices to a data center, should consider Silver Peak.”

This is a great win and yet another proof-point of the immense value Silver Peak provides for customers, especially with our virtual WAN optimization products. Our VRX virtual data center-class product, which is the flagship of our portfolio, truly represents value, providing 20-times the performance of competitive products at one-third the cost.

We are very honored.  Thanks for recognizing us Info-Tech!

  • Tonya Sutton

    Tony, great feedback.  The only thing that concerns me about Silver Peak is their financial status and the viability of the company, which of course is unknown since they remain a private.   We’ve seen Expand Networks file for reorganization and now Blue Coat de-list (go back to being private).  Cisco as far as I know has all but abandoned their WAAS efforts; most of the WAAS team has already been disbanded from what we hear.   Riverbed is still doing great, but the product has grown far too complicated and is way over-engineered.   Ipanema hasn’t really shown any sign of being a formidable player, grabbing the low hanging fruit left over from Riverbed and Cisco. 

    • Anonymous

      Silver Peak is on strong footing. The company is fully-funded and not seeking any new investment. Silver Peak’s customers include some of the most-recognized brands in technology, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, legal, and many other industries. Also, unlike a lot of the companies you mention, Silver Peak remains 100% focused on WAN optimization. Silver Peak is global, with 24x7x365 follow-the-sun support. Hope this helps.

  • Jim Davoghan

    What a joke… Ipanema and Bluecoat?