InfoBlox, Nutanix and Zscaler Join Silver Peak’s SD-WAN Ecosystem

InfoBlox, Nutanix and Zscaler Join Silver Peak’s SD-WAN Ecosystem

We’re very excited to announce three new partners in the Silver Peak SD-WAN ecosystem: InfoBlox, Nutanix, and zScaler. This adds to the great partnerships we have with storage and platform players like Dell, EMC, Hitachi, and industry-leading software platform players like Microsoft and VMware.

So why these new partners and why now?

As we’ve engaged with customers around our Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN offering, they’ve talked to us about some frustrations with their existing MPLS-based WAN infrastructure and how a broadband WAN architecture using Silver Peak and other open, interoperable elements could provide significant OPEX savings. While Silver Peak is a key enabler of this new WAN architecture, customers also need other services to interoperate in an open, seamless manner.

Several of the key network infrastructure services that kept coming up in our discussions were: security and DDI (DHCP, DNS, IPAM services). On the platform front, for those customers looking at a ”thin” branch, our Unity EdgeConnect appliances made sense. However, many customers looking to more broadly optimize their OPEX savings in the branch wanted to evaluate hyper-converged platforms on which to run file, print, VDI, and other applications. In this case, adding a Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect virtual appliance made the most sense for them.

As a result, we are partnering with Infoblox, the industry leader in DDI; Nutanix, the next-generation enterprise computing company; and Zscaler, the Internet security company, to expand our Unity EdgeConnect ecosystem. These alliances provide a new set of secure, optimized, and interoperable hardware and software solutions for deploying broadband and hybrid WANs, and reducing branch office OPEX/CAPEX when connecting users to applications.

zScaler – Security as a Service

First up, security – in the new world of broadband WANs, our customers expect the security model to evolve. Today, firewalls are deployed both at the branch and data centers. For Internet-bound traffic (for example to Office365 or, it doesn’t make sense to route all the traffic from a branch to a datacenter located across the country (or around the world) and then out to the Internet. Wouldn’t it be better to simply route the traffic from the branch (or a regional hub) directly to the Internet?

When Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect is deployed directly onto the Internet in branch offices, Zscaler acts as a series of check posts between the EdgeConnect deployments and the public Internet. Zscaler’s Security Cloud is a comprehensive, carrier-grade Internet security and compliance platform running in more than 100 data centers distributed around the globe. Zscaler’s security-as-a-service can be implemented at scale in minutes to improve the security of user traffic from users in the branch to applications in the cloud.”

Infoblox for Centralized and Secure DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management

Infoblox provides integrated and centrally-managed DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI). While Silver Peak EdgeConnect appliances allow new sites to be connected in minutes, the Infoblox DDI solution reduces the amount of time it takes to deploy network services to those remote sites. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect DHCP and DNS forwarding supports centralized Infoblox deployment (in either a data center or regional hub) enabling centralized, scalable management of DDI services and is transparent to end-users and applications.

Nutanix: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Virtual EdgeConnect Deployments

It would be nice to think that branch connectivity is a customer’s only concern when standing up a new location, but other services like security, file/print, VDI, unified communications, and, for retail,  POS applications, are also required. This is where the combination of Silver Peak and Nutanix hyper-converged platform shines.

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect, available as virtual appliance for KVM, Hyper-V, or VMware, has been tested and certified to be deployed in minutes on the Nutanix platform, establishing a secure (AES 256-bit encrypted) VPN to Silver Peak’s Unity Orchestrator. Silver Peak Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) then takes over — automatically detecting the new Silver Peak instance and allowing the addition of that branch office into an organization’s WAN in seconds. Now, with the branch as part of the organization’s network, additional services like VDI, File/Print, and POS can be quickly installed on the Nutanix platform — in minutes or hours, rather than days. For those remote offices with limited bandwidth or high latencies (which can affect application performance), Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect’s Boost option can be enabled via the click of a button to ensure the high performance of these remote office applications.

At the other end of the WAN, in the data center, the combination of Silver Peak and Nutanix also shines — Nutanix’s ease of deployment and scalability complement Silver Peak’s scalability to support thousands of remote office locations. Nutanix integrated replication provides continuous availability — with Silver Peak replication acceleration capabilities ensuring customers meet their RPOs regardless of the WAN connection between data centers.

With combined interoperability options with Infoblox, Nutanix, and Zscaler, Silver Peak is the only company capable of creating the most agile broadband WAN that also powers industry-leading performance improvements to any form of connectivity