VX-Xpress Reaches 3,500 Downloads

Interest in Virtual WAN Optimization Skyrockets!

VX-Xpress Reaches 3,500 DownloadsBoy are we psyched! Not only has Silver Peak’s revolutionary VX-Xpress virtual WANop appliance been downloaded more than 3,500 times since being introduced just two months ago, but user deployment notes are filling our VX-Xpress “Cool Deployments” user forum fast!  This truly is WAN optimization for the masses.

Virtual WAN optimization is an unavoidable and disruptive market force, offering IT pros an extremely compelling cost-to-performance benefit. Take the VX-Xpress alone. Equivalent products from other legacy WAN optimization vendors can otherwise cost users tens-of-thousands of dollars.  The VX-Xpress is free!

The benefits don’t end there.  We are seeing this across our entire portfolio.  At the high end, our VRX virtual data center-class appliance provides 20-times the performance of competitive products at one-third the cost. That translates to real performance for all data center, branch, and cloud applications, and real cost savings for any IT organization.

Like all of Silver Peak’s virtual WANop appliances, the VX-Xpress is based on our Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), which is application, protocol, and software-version agnostic, allowing customers to optimize any and all enterprise applications.

VX-Xpress users tell the real story.  One IT administrator optimizing a satellite link commented, “I have been very impressed with the ease of install and performance of VX-Xpress and would highly recommend it to anyone looking at improving their WAN links.” Another user optimizing Veeam replication stated,”Without Silver Peak, the Veeam replication jobs would simply not finish at all.”  Another user saw 92% data reduction when using the VX-Xpress for EMC RecoverPoint replication.

If you haven’t tried the VX-Xpress yet, download it today and see what you’ve been missing.  Check out the VX-Xpress for yourself if you haven’t already.  And if you have, tell us about your “cool deployment.”  Maybe we’ll profile you too!