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Let’s Talk Politics. Better Yet, Let’s Not

obama romney politicsI realize we are at the tail-end of the political season, though politics seems to be a never-ending news topic.

Personally, I don’t like politics, whether it’s government or state politics, politics in business, or especially when politics worms its way into personal relationships.

After watching this election year’s political debates — the third and final presidential debate is tonight — it re-affirms to me the challenges voters face in deciphering perception versus reality. Sometimes candidates are successful in convincing the public that they can accomplish everything they promise on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, more often than not, they don’t live up to their promises.

We hear this in business, too, as technology vendors are often guilty of over-committing — and under-delivering. Then, there are the political battles fought within the companies themselves. Staff members prefer one product brand over another, and the companies unwittingly become a venue for political maneuvering. Forgotten in the fray is the objective to get the right product that will do the best job.

Sometimes in business, political jockeying results in certain individuals obtaining power and control. The optimal solutions and the products that can best meet the need, often get dismissed, due to politics.

I know there can be plenty of politics in IT organizations; I’ve seen it first-hand. But, today’s data center and network environments are so vital to the success of virtually all enterprises, there is no place for politics. When it comes to the data communication infrastructure, there are just too many critical decisions. Whether it’s choosing to go with a cloud service (what type?), virtualization (which platform?), or going with a new Software Defined Networking architecture (which architecture?), these are monumental decisions.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know the truth, whether it favors my pre-disposition or not, and I want everyone who is impacted by a product or solution to know the truth. Today’s data centers and network infrastructures are integrated into virtually all business functions. Many are over-committed, and therefore, under-delivering because of too much traffic and a lack of effective use of resources. WAN optimization has proven to work well in these environments by moving more data over the network faster, effectively expanding network throughput, accelerating applications and reclaiming wasted bandwidth.

Let’s consider a political metaphor comparing the results of a politician’s accomplishments and the effective use of network bandwidth. When we take into account a political candidate or technology solution, we make choices that we hope will not only solve our problems today, but also improve our future. If a politician fails to meet the promises they make, they usually get voted out of office. If a network fails to meet the needs of a business, it either gets upgraded, or a WAN optimizer gets deployed to improve the performance. As our society and economic drivers evolve, and our technologies advance, the choices we make in the people and technologies we put in place today must also be appropriate for tomorrow.

Hopefully, politics can be put aside, because the technology choices we make today will directly impact the success of our businesses tomorrow.

Image source: flickr (numb3r5)