Liberating WANs

Liberating WAN optimization

Liberating WANsToday’s IT initiatives, such as data center consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery share a common notion — all presume a well-performing WAN. Unfortunately, the growing use of these services are being limited by WAN infrastructure burdened with bandwidth limitations, latency, and unreliable packet delivery.

Applications running across these networks often under-perform, aggravating customers and raising support and deployment costs. These network limitations have created the need for highly-flexible WAN optimization that can be cost-effectively deployed across private and public networks — from the cloud, to data centers, to branch offices.

Break through the hardware barrier

The problem with traditional hardware-based WAN optimization appliances is that they are tightly bound to the underlying hardware in a closed architecture that limits deployment flexibility and scalability. Virtual WAN optimization appliances break free of the constraints imposed by a closed architecture, simplifying the installation and configuration, and lowering maintenance costs associated with running complex software.

Virtual WAN optimization solutions offer simple, flexible, and cost-effective options for deployment across the entire enterprise network. They provide a software-based, open architecture that dynamically leverage the performance of standard CPUs, general-purpose hardware, and standard hypervisors to provide comprehensive options for deploying WAN optimization on any platform. This makes WAN optimization complementary to devices such as storage, routers, and servers. Until recently, it’s been difficult to tightly integrate WAN optimization with these products, because each device required their own dedicated hardware. Not to worry, that’s all changed.

Don't get boxed inDon’t get boxed in 

Conventional WAN optimization solutions are unable to address all of these issues because of their dependence on hardware, requiring dedicated equipment to achieve desired  performance and security. Shipping and installation costs for these appliances can also be high, and deployment options are often quite limited. As a result, hardware-based WAN optimization solutions may not be cost-effective. They can also be difficult to deploy in many locations, particularly smaller offices.

Virtual WAN optimization appliances are a much more simple and less-intrusive for optimizing branch offices, data center consolidation projects, cloud computing environments, and disaster recovery initiatives. They lower costs and space requirements, while improving capacity and reliability.

The shift toward virtualization combined with an abundance of CPU and memory in data centers and branch offices is propelling a new networking dynamic and enabling ubiquitous WANop deployments.

A new approach to freedom

True virtual WAN optimization solutions, like those from Silver Peak, are giving customers the full benefit of WAN optimization without the burden of forced hardware refresh cycles. For the first time, virtual WAN optimization appliances perform as well as physical appliances, and in addition to the cost, space, and deployment flexibility, virtual WANop now can deliver data center class performance.