Look Into the Crystal Ball for 2015 Networking Predictions

If you could peer into a crystal ball and see the end of 2015, what do you think you’d see? In the networking industry, 2015 is poised for more disruption than ever before.

crystal-ball-networking_smWhether it’s the growing interest in SDN, or the rapid emergence of SD-WAN, or even the growing frustration around the high cost and complexity of MPLS, the past year has prompted some major changes to come in networking.

For one perspective on these changes, I’ll be sitting down with David Hughes, Silver Peak CEO, to reveal his 10 predictions for how enterprise connectivity, service provider networks and the WAN might look different in 2015. I hope you’ll join me as I explore with David how and why enterprise data traffic patterns are shifting and what new challenges networking teams will face as cloud adoption increases.

Will MPLS remain the only viable option to achieve 99.99% service availability? What about 4G LTE? Will Over-The-Top WANs disrupt everything?

Join us on January 29th, at 11:00 am Pacific (2:00 pm Eastern) to learn about:

  • Key predictions that will affect business connectivity to the cloud
  • What will influence WAN strategies and spending
  • How will end-user connectivity change

We hope you’ll join us!