Look! On the Internet! It’s a Phone! It’s an iPad! It’s a Laptop!

SupermanNo… It’s all of them!

OK, the title is a poor attempt to play off the Superman theme. Hopefully, it was enough to get your attention. And it is relevant for today’s network computing environment for virtually any enterprise. Not only are employees accessing applications and downloading files from these devices and others, they are doing it from all over the world – from their homes, from remote offices, and even on the beach – though, they wouldn’t tell you that.

As enterprises and government agencies geographically expand their distributed workforces, mobility and client technologies are becoming an ever-increasing challenge. IT organizations need to find ways to maintain efficiency while providing a quality user experience to keep employees productive and satisfied. As distributed workforces continue to proliferate, the question is, how are organizations making the most of their employee access to enterprise applications and business-critical files, while improving their bottom line?

The importance of optimizing bandwidth and accelerating networked applications is vital. The proliferation of distributed organizations is causing enterprises to view WAN optimization as a critical element. As remote and mobile workers play an increasingly critical role in business growth, IT is struggling to keep up as users demand applications that are always available – from anywhere. Unfortunately, they invariably receive user complaints about network performance.

Companies that are successfully overcoming these changes are deploying WAN optimization solutions that deliver LAN-like performance, ensuring business applications delivered from the centralized data center are made available to any branch office, home office and mobile worker.

Ok. Now it’s time for you to become the hero. I encourage you to find out how Silver Peak’s WAN optimization can enable your organization to be more agile, adaptable, and competitive by supporting your diverse users without sacrificing remote and mobile worker productivity due to poor WAN performance. If you are already a WANop hero, feel free to write a comment and let us know how your deployment saved the day.

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