Mad Lib IT

Mad Lib IT on Spiceworks

Mad Lib ITThey are not jalapeno-heads, oregano-heads, or cumin-heads…they’re Spiceheads! They are IT pros that do it all.

We’ve been so amazed with the Spiceworks community over the past few months, with interest in software-based WAN optimization growing rapidly among community members.

Because of the success of our previous contest on Spiceworks, we have decided to show our appreciation by running another contest.

This time, the Spiceworks community is challenged to make a Mad Lib the funniest it can be. It’s called: “Near Catastrophe – A True Tale of WAN Triumph.”

From the Silver Peak Spiceworks page, community members are encouraged to copy the below mad lib, fill in their own words in all caps in the blanks numbered in binary (but of course), then paste into the “discuss” tab on the Silver Peak Spiceworks page.

We’ll pick five finalists on June 22 and then have the Spiceworks community vote on the winner who will receive an iPad. There will also be two $50 gift cards for placing in second or third place, and all the winners will be announced on July 2nd.

Now, we realize not everyone is on Spiceworks. And, while we are only offering the prizes to Spiceworks community members, we certainly want to see anyone else’s creativity. So give it your best shot, and comment on this blog post with your mad lib.

Good luck!

Mad Lib IT: Near Catastrophe — A True Tale of WAN Triumph

Meet Fred, IT pro extraordinaire. He’s a tech savvy sysadmin with a fear of zombies and a penchant for bacon sandwiches with a side of ___________(1). Fred’s life was humming along nicely: He had recently landed a great job as an IT manager for _____________(10), a company that specializes in___________(11) and has numerous remote employees and branch offices.

Fred showed up to work one morning thinking he was in store for just another _________ (100) day at the office. After firing up his trusty ____________ (101) and pouring himself a nice _________ (110) drink, Fred was ready to get the day started. But, oh no! Crisis! It wasn’t even lunch and Fred received a warning message through Spiceworks that his Bandwidth had exceeded 70%. “ Holy __________(111)! ” Fred yelled in a panic.

After ___________ (1000) into the Spiceworks Community to weigh his options, Fred decided that Silver Peak would be the perfect fit for his needs. Fred was so excited he shouted, __________(1001)! After all, Silver Peak is a complete WAN optimization solution for real-time applications – a match made in tech heaven for Fred and his bandwidth scaling needs.

What a ___________(1010) day it had been! Fred was grateful to Spiceworks, the Spiceworks Community, and Silver Peak for being there when he needed them most.

The End

1 Noun (singular)
10 Company name
11 Your favorite hobby
100 Adjective
101 Noun (singular)
110 Liquid
111 Star Wars character
1000 Verb (ending in “ing”)
1001 Fruit and animal
1010 Adjective