Moving to the Cloud? Make it Easier

Moving to the cloud made easierThere’s no shortage of interest around moving enterprise data and applications to the cloud. The big question is the rate of adoption. What’s really keeping enterprises from diving into the cloud full-force?

The answer is not so profound, and has been right in front of all us for quite some time.  It’s the wide area network (WAN).  WAN bandwidth, quality and distance have all presented barriers to public cloud deployments.

Today, Silver Peak has the answer–and the solution–with the release of our Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) version 5.2.

VXOA 5.2 is perfect for enterprises looking to transition into cloud environments. It’s by far our most scalable release. In addition to optimizing 10 Gbps of traffic per NX-10K appliance, we also upped our supported flow count to 512,000 flows in a single appliance. Why are so many flows needed you might ask? A flow represents a single connection for a single purpose from a client to a server. A typical desktop has at least 20 open flows. With the NX-10K, you can easily support 20,000 users in your data center. And when you think about cloud deployments with lots of connections, you need to think about supporting a lot of flows.

It doesn’t stop at scalability. We are helping IT and networking pros simplify their lives. VXOA 5.2 also includes full support for the tunneled protocols like Cisco’s Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) that are becoming mandatory for Layer 2 data center interconnect (DCI). Layer 2 connectivity between data-centers is required to support true virtual machine (VM) mobility across data centers over distance. The only way to achieve this Layer 2 bridging across the WAN is to tunnel the Layer 2 traffic. VXOA 5.2 automatically optimizes all this tunneled traffic with no additional configuration required. As more applications move to the cloud, optimizing the tunneled traffic between data-centers will become critical.

Finally, many public cloud environments utilize Citrix Xen as the preferred hypervisor, so VXOA 5.2 rounds out our hypervisor support to include the four most common hypervisors on the market, namely VMware’s vSphere, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix XenServer.

Silver Peak is committed to delivering WAN optimization anywhere it’s needed…VXOA 5.2 gets us a little bit closer to that goal.