Rear view of Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect solution

New EdgeConnect is a Breakthrough in Building SD-WANs with Broadband

Despite the mounting frustration with MPLS, many customers still do not believe the Internet can provide the security and performance needed for today’s business-critical traffic. And while current conversations around leveraging the Internet for the enterprise WAN have focused primarily on the ability to use multiple network connections, and in some cases, zero-touch provisioning, we do not believe that is enough.

Today, as part of our strategy to deliver high-performing broadband and hybrid WANs, we are excited to introduce our Unity EdgeConnect solution, a breakthrough in enabling enterprises to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of building a WAN by leveraging broadband.

Rear view of Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect solutionUnity EdgeConnect is delivered in both physical and virtual form factors, and can be deployed in seconds to create a virtual network overlay. With Unity EdgeConnect, customers can move to a broadband WAN at their own pace, whether site-by-site, or via a hybrid WAN approach that leverages both MPLS and broadband Internet connectivity (such as cable, DSL, LTE).

Through all the recent hype around software defined WAN (SD-WAN), three core principles are clear. To build a new enterprise-grade broadband WAN, you must create a secure overlay network that can leverage multiple types of connectivity. You also must be able to see and control both native and Internet applications, and you need to give users consistent and reliable performance. If done correctly, over time customers can begin to reduce the amount of infrastructure needed to support branch locations.

Silver Peak is best-positioned to help customers meet these requirements. We are delivering a solution that not only simplifies broadband WAN deployments, but also provides private-line-like performance over broadband Internet connections. The combination of these features paves the path to “thin” branch offices with reduced need for multiple networking devices.

Customers such as Group Dekko, Interroll, and Kingston are already seeing the benefits of Silver Peak’s approach. And as more applications move into the cloud, these and other companies can now move at “cloud speed” with Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect. Silver Peak is enabling customers to leverage the Internet more effectively in a secure, controlled, and automated manner while delivering consistent and reliable performance for users connecting to any application.