New Year, New Customer

The beginning of a new year represents a fresh start. For many people around the world, their fresh starts come in the form of New Year’s resolutions. For Silver Peak, our fresh start comes in the form a new customer whose business is all about “fresh.”

The Greenery Trading Company, a leading European market supplier of a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables, was bogged down by core applications like Microsoft file transfer manager, Exchange, and Web access became slow, which hampered employee productivity.  The company had also invested in Citrix virtual desktops as a way of controlling IT costs, but was not maximizing the return-on-investment (ROI) in this technology as poor performance hampered usability over the low-quality WAN.  At the same time, the quality of The Greenery’s Cisco IP telephony suffered due to network congestion, while regular server backups could not complete on time.

A company that cites as its main vision the goal of being a “healthy business,” The Greenery needed help.

Rather than undertaking a cost-prohibitive WAN expansion to resolve its issues, The Greenery turned to WAN optimization from Silver Peak as a way of cost-effectively “refreshing” WAN capacity without upgrading the WAN infrastructure.

With the help of IPknowledge, an established organization with experience in the design, implementation, and management of networking solutions, The Greenery deployed a mix of Silver Peak NX WAN optimization appliances.  The results included an 18X reduction in WAN traffic, a 6X performance improvement for Web traffic, a 3X performance improvement for file transfers, and a doubling of performance for Citrix virtual desktops. The Greenery achieved all this using its existing WAN infrastructure.

Not only was The Greenery able to achieve a fresh start and resolve its current WAN issues, Silver Peak’s application agnostic architecture has also prepared The Greenery for any future initiatives and applications, both TCP and non-TCP, which will enable The Greenery to stay current with its WAN demands as needed to continue as a healthy business.