Pacific Crest: Next Wave of Tech Disruptors

Next Wave of Tech Disruptors

Pacific Crest: Next Wave of Tech DisruptorsThis week, Pacific Crest Securities is hosting its 14th annual Global Technology Leadership Forum and Silver Peak CEO Rick Tinsley is participating on the keynote panel titled: “Next Wave Tech Disruptors: Impact of Smart Network, SDN & 10GE.”

The panel is being moderated by Brent Bracelin, senior analyst for IT systems and networking for Pacific Crest. The panel also includes Big Switch Networks CEO Guido Appenzeller, Vidyo CEO Ofer Shapiro, Arista Networks VP of marketing Doug Gourlay, and Aquantia VP of business development Phil Delansay.

Each of the panelists are highlighting real-world  customer examples, and will talk about the incumbents that are most at risk to disruption, what the next adoption catalysts will be, and what size the total addressable market will be in the next 5 years.

A large part of the discussion will also center around software-defined networking and how the dynamics for networking acceleration are shifting away from the traditional hardware-based model.

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