No More Excuses

For the longest time, WAN optimization has been the purview of the elite offices with the largest number of employees or most critical business function. But the smallest offices, and for that matter, the largest data centers looking for a virtualized WAN optimizer to connect those offices, have been underserved.  Today, that changes. Just a few hours ago, Silver Peak began a new revolution that will make WAN optimization available to everyone – large and small office alike.

For the first time, data center class WAN optimization is available by a simple download – for free. That’s right, anyone with a VMware vSphere- or VMware vSphere Hypervisor-based server can go here and deploy WAN optimization by downloading an appliance from the site.

It’s called VX-Xpress, and there’s no charge and the license will never expire. You’ll be limited to connecting to one other location and you’ll need to work with the VX-X community for support, but otherwise you’ll have all of the capabilities of our VX-1000 appliance.

With the VX-Xpress, or VX-X for short, any IT manager can see whether WAN optimization is suitable for their office. Like the rest of the VX-series of virtual appliances, the VX-X will sit inline within the network and optimize or accelerate any IP protocol without ever breaking an application, as can happen with some of our competitors. You’ll be able to compensate for packet loss and out of order packets with our unique Network Integrity technologies. You’ll reduce latency with our Network Acceleration, and increase the amount of data sent over the wire with Network Memory.  So go ahead and fire it up in your office to see what sort of performance improvement you’ll gain with your specific traffic profile. Did I mention it is free?

Small offices can now see the 3x, 5x, or even in some cases, 20x improvement we’ve always provided in the data center, and on a budget they can afford.

But we’ve done more than that today. We’ve also enabled large data centers to leverage virtualized WAN optimization appliances by expanding the number of flows supported by the VRX-8, the world’s highest-capacity virtual WAN optimizer, from 8,000 to 256,000 flows.

The VRX-8 was already the highest capacity virtualized WAN optimizer scaling to 1 Gbps on data center-to-data center connections where flow count isn’t as critical. Now with 256,000 flows, the VRX-8 is also suitable for massive fan-in projects. See, the biggest challenge for WAN optimization scalability in the branch office and branch office fan-in is often the number of IP flows (or TCP sessions) supported by an individual WAN optimizer, not the amount of WAN bandwidth. A single client can generate dozens of simultaneous flows (right now, for example, my computer has 21 sessions/flows open). Many of our competitors can only handle a limited number of IP flows and while that’s a challenge in the branch office, it’s an even bigger challenge for the WAN optimizers in the data center connecting to all the branches.

So now, enterprises can deploy data center-class WAN optimization for free on a two-node network, giving your smaller branch offices dramatically improved performance and cleaner lines for little more than the price of a commercial server. What a deal. The only thing is, when your manager asks “Why haven’t we tested WAN optimization?” what’s your excuse going to be?