Revitalizing an aging WAN

Nu Skin Enterprises is a leader in skin care and nutrition. A global direct selling company, it operates in more than 50 markets worldwide, with over 2000 employees. More than 825,000 independent distributors place orders on the Nu Skin website or by contacting regional call centers throughout the world.

The company has data centers in four of its largest Asian markets, including Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan that connect to the company’s corporate data center located in Provo, Utah. With the continual growth of their business and the centralization of applications to their corporate data center, Nu Skin’s WAN infrastructure experienced a steadily growing demand on their existing bandwidth.

The company encountered two networking challenges. First was the problem of high bandwidth consumption between their corporate data center and their disaster recovery site. The second challenge the company faced was supporting their worldwide call centers that process orders for distributors. As the company began centralizing applications at the corporate data center, bandwidth utilization increased and latency became a significant issue.

After weighing the costs of adding larger network pipes between their corporate data center and the disaster recovery site compared with the cost of adding a WAN optimization solution, Nu Skin chose to deploy Silver Peak’s WAN optimization appliances, which allowed the company to optimize data replication between its corporate data center and its disaster recovery site.

Nu Skin now benefits from Silver Peak’s unique features that include Network Acceleration to overcome WAN latency, Network Integrity to correct packet delivery issues and intelligently allocate WAN resources, and Network Memory™ to maximize WAN bandwidth utilization.  Nu Skin also benefits from Silver Peak’s Global Management System (GMS), which simplifies administrative tasks for managing a global installation while providing granular visibility into the distributed WAN infrastructure.

The results speak for themselves as Nu Skin has achieved an 8:1 improvement in bandwidth reduction for SRDF/A replication, resulting in replication times being cut dramatically.  The company is also achieving up to a 20:1 improvement in traffic optimization for various applications to remote sites, which has significantly improved productivity and response times for remote call center employees who access centralized data.