Silver Peak optimizes satellite WANs for armed forces in Afghanistan

Optimizing Satellite WANs for Armed Forces in Afghanistan

Silver Peak optimizes satellite WANs for armed forces in AfghanistanGlobal telecom service providers that rely on satellite wide area networks (WANs) face challenges from high-latency and packet errors.  Telecommunications provider Carrier to Carrier Telecom B.V. (C2C) faced these problems while providing satellite connectivity services to various armed forces in Afghanistan.  C2C found the solution with Silver Peak virtual WAN optimizers, and now benefits from improved satellite bandwidth utilization and faster end-user responses.

Network connectivity for military personnel is extremely important and allows troops to connect with family and friends back home, while also keeping them in touch with news from around the world. C2C was experiencing the challenge of managing IP data (TCP and UDP) going over bandwidth-limited and relatively-expensive satellite links. While the majority of the traffic was HTTP, other applications included email, streaming audio, Internet TV, VoIP, and FTP.

C2C had very specific criteria for choosing a WAN optimization solution: a high-capacity solution that improves network quality and latency issues for a wide range of traffic. Silver Peak has the clear advantage and gives C2C a level of flexibility not offered by other WAN optimization solutions with a wide array of virtual appliances with subscription pricing that fits perfectly into the C2C service provider model.

With the Silver Peak virtual WAN optimizers deployed, C2C is achieving bandwidth reductions of greater than 50 percent. The effects of more than 600 milliseconds of latency were also overcome, and packet loss is now less than 1 percent. By deploying Silver Peak’s virtual appliances on VMware, C2C’s server and facility costs have been lowered by 200%.  C2C is now able to run more applications and service more users with the same amount of satellite bandwidth they had before deploying Silver Peak.

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