US Patent and Trademark Office

Silver Peak Awarded New Patents for Acceleration of Data Mobility

US Patent and Trademark OfficeEnterprises must constantly move data from data centers to offsite locations for critical IT initiatives such as disaster recovery and for providing distributed users with fast access to data.  However, long distances and low-quality shared or public networks limit the performance of data transfers.

Innovations in WAN optimization and data mobility software are addressing this for the enterprise. Those innovations are recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which has awarded Silver Peak four new patents for its software that accelerates data movement over distance.

Silver Peak’s patented software enables businesses to simplify and lower the costs for critical IT initiatives such as disaster recovery, data center virtualization and cloud computing.

The new U.S. patents awarded to Silver Peak include #8,171,238 “Identification of Data Stored in Memory,” #8,095,774 “Pre-Fetching Data into a Memory,” #7,948,921 “Automatic Network Optimization,” and #7,945,736 “Dynamic Load Management of Network Memory.”

These new patents reinforce an ongoing commitment to innovation and delivering the highest-performance, most-adaptive software solutions for speeding data movement over distance.

Whether you look at increased adoption of virtualization, dynamic workloads, or shrinking physical real estate in the data center, the requirements for WAN optimization are evolving. Many enterprises are now seeking software alternatives to legacy custom hardware-based WAN optimization appliances. With Silver Peak, WAN optimization software can be downloaded and deployed quickly anywhere in the world to move critical data where it needs to be.