Clive and Bob with Quocirca

Prominent UK Tech Analysts Join WANSpeak™

It has been truly exciting to watch this blog grow, both in terms of new visitors and contributing writers. With that said, I’m excited to welcome two new contributors from the United Kingdom (UK): Clive Longbottom and Bob Tarzey.

Clive is founder of the UK-based industry analyst firm Quocirca, and is a highly-respected and globally recognized industry analyst. Bob is also with Quocirca, having been with the firm since 2002. Both Clive and Bob cover a wide range of business and technology areas, including IT security, network computing, systems management, and managed services.

Clive Longbottom
Clive Longbottom, founder of Quocirca

Clive helps companies to understand their core processes across their value chains and the technologies that should be used to facilitate them in the most flexible and effective manner. He also brings an understanding of how the collision of existing and emerging technologies requires full business involvement to decide on the best direction forward for an organization’s current and future needs. He has worked with a range of large and small analyst companies, including META Group (now Gartner) as vice-president of Europe. Clive’s work in promoting how technology can help those in underserved regions was recognized in 2007 when he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Promotion of the Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing (FRSA).

Bob Tarzey
Bob Tarzey, analyst, Quocirca

Bob focuses on route-to-market for ITC vendors, and, as a respected analyst, he also writes regular analytical columns for Computing, Computer Weekly, TechRepublic and Computer Reseller News (CRN), and has written for The Times, Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph. Bob also blogs for Computing, Info Security Advisor and, and provides general comment for the European IT and business press. Prior to joining Quocirca, Bob spent 16 years working for US technology vendors including DEC (now HP), Sybase, Gupta, Merant (now Serena), eGain and webMethods (now Software AG).

Both Clive and Bob will add a much-needed UK voice to WANSpeak™, and will provide analysis and perspective on breaking IT news, as well as trends in software, networking and cloud computing.

I’m happy to welcome Clive and Bob to the WANSpeak™ team!