Raising the Bar on WAN Optimization Performance

Raising the Bar on WAN Optimization Performance

Raising the Bar on WAN Optimization Performance In the WAN optimization market, Silver Peak is recognized for its data center class performance and extensive virtualization support. Today, with the release of Silver Peak’s VXOA 6.O software, that leadership grows to new heights.

There are dozens of new features included in 6.0, but four in particular are worth special attention: two related to performance, and two related to virtualization and software defined networking (SDN).

Record Performance for Virtualization and Storage

First, on performance, Silver Peak has extended its virtual WANop performance leadership with gigabit and multi-gigabit WAN acceleration across all common hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM. No other WAN optimization vendor is even close on this front.

While a lot of this has to do with Silver Peak enhancements, we need to give credit to the hypervisor vendors (outside of VMware) for supporting the additional compute power needed to run Silver Peak’s software at gigabit and multi-gigabit levels. These advancements are bringing the performance of hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM more in-line with VMware’s traditional performance lead. This should represent the beginning of a much more competitive landscape for virtualization.

The other significant performance enhancement in 6.0 benefits storage environments. Silver Peak already makes replication over distance easy and affordable, enabling storage admins to meet recovery point objectives (RPO). With 6.0, Silver Peak has added Jumbo Frame support.

Jumbo frames are 9,000 byte frames commonly used for high-performance data replication in a LAN environment, packing more data into a single package to reduce network overhead and compute cycles. Silver Peak now extends the LAN-like performance of using jumbo frames out to standard 1,500-byte WANs, enabling replication solutions to achieve 50% higher throughput.

Simplified and Extended Deployment Options

Silver Peak VXOA brings workload acceleration to virtualization professionals with simplified deployment models and software defined networking. In August, Silver Peak demonstrated this capability with the first plug-in for VMware. With the VXOA 6.0 release, Silver Peak now delivers the first point-and-click solution for accelerating virtual workloads directly from Citrix XenCenter. This enables Citrix XenServer virtualization admins to maximize the performance of their workloads in an easy and highly-efficient manner.

In terms of new deployment possibilities, Silver Peak is simplifying the acceleration of data and applications provisioned to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. With Silver Peak VXOA 6.0, application administrators can quickly and easily deploy a Silver Peak virtual machine from within the Amazon cloud, complementing an existing Silver Peak data center or branch office deployment.

In summary, Silver Peak continues to be the the solution-of-choice for virtualized environments and moving large datasets. With Silver Peak VXOA 6.0, that choice becomes even more clear. By delivering the highest-performing physical and virtual WAN optimization solutions, and supporting the entire range of hypervisors at gigabit and higher performance levels, customers win by getting the broadest selection of technologies that fits into their individual IT infrastructure requirements.