Why Big Data Is Cheaper Than Gold Bars

Replicating Big Data with EMC Isilon and Silver Peak

Let’s say you were one of the lucky people who won last week’s Mega Millions jackpot (unlike this person, who has some proving to do).

Now let’s assume that the $656 million is paid out in gold ingots. (That would be about 1200 of these, or only 43 of these bad boys…)

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to store all that loot? And how would you move it around to buy/sell items, pay bills, etc?
This is the same problem many enterprises face with Big Data. The amount of data being produced in certain industries like science, Internet retail, and finance is astronomical, making it exceptionally hard to store, access, and share in a timely manner.

While Silver peak cannot solve all the challenges surrounding Big Data, we are trying to do our fair share. More specifically, we want to make it easier to move big data sets over wide area networks (WANs), and ensure that remote users can access this data easily and cost effectively.

Why Big Data Is Cheaper Than Gold Bars

This involves working with our key partners, like EMC, who are instrumental in solving other Big Data challenges, like storage and backup. One of EMC’s foremost platforms for handling Big Data is Isilon, which is why we are pleased to announce that we have just completed qualification with this platform. (Isilon is now part of a long list of Silver Peak-qualified EMC products, which include RecoverPoint, SRDF, Celerra, VPLEX, Atmos, Data Domain and others.)

In this latest round of testing, Silver Peak and EMC have benchmarked performance over 90x performance gains for SyncIQ replication over the WAN. That includes up to 99% bandwidth reduction in several environments.

Think about that for a second…

Normally, only 10 Mbps of replication traffic can be sent over a 155 Mbps WAN with 80 ms latency and 0.1% loss. With Silver Peak, replication throughput increases to 975 Mbps over the same WAN.

With numbers like that, you can improve RPO, reduce operational headaches, and save money on WAN bandwidth. Talk about winning the jackpot!