Feel the need for speed with Silver Peak WAN Optimization

Satisfying the Need for Speed in Brazil

Satisfying the need for speed with WAN optimizationIn the movie, “Top Gun,” satisfying the need for speed saved pilots’ lives. Today, a fast network saves revenue opportunities and people’s jobs. One of Silver Peak’s customers found this out first-hand.

A user going by the name “Arles” works at a Brazilian company with one branch office and a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) link that cost nearly $2,000 for a 512 Kbps connection. Ouch!

The company built a new network for production, but users quickly started complaining about long response times, with some transactions taking as long as 86 seconds. This was costing the company revenue opportunities and clearly was unacceptable.

Arles’ team was given one week to find an answer to this cost and performance problem. After meeting with a variety of WAN optimization vendors, many of whom didn’t allow Arles’ company to test the solution before purchase, or would require more than a month to provide testing appliances, he found Silver Peak’s VX-Xpress (VX-X).  In a matter of hours, he downloaded VX-Xpress and had the deployment functioning.

That 86-second transaction now takes 3 seconds. VX-X saved Arles’ job, the new production system and the reputation of the IT team.

Tom Cruise, eat your heart out.