Frank Costanza

Serenity Now!

Frank CostanzaOne of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one in which Frank Costanza yells, “Serenity Now!” every time his blood pressure was in danger of rising. Clearly, he was using this “technique” to relieve his stress. Unfortunately, Frank’s method of relaxation drove everyone else crazy.

While data centers and WAN infrastructures continue to grow in complexity, one of the greatest benefits WAN optimization delivers is the ability to make the job of IT administrators easier, more productive, and less stressful — a real “serenity now” that benefits everyone.

One of the best compliments we receive from our customers is when they relate that, before they bought their Silver Peak product, they would struggle to identify and fix WAN performance problems with great urgency and extreme pressure. It would always take too much of their IT department’s resources and time, and their employees, partners and customers would complain, causing even greater stress and delay. After they installed Silver Peak products, the former network problems were no longer issues.

Silver Peak’s WAN optimization products ease deployment and management with auto-optimization to ease configuration and enforce and monitor application behavior, WAN performance, Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth utilization and security policies. They can be centrally managed through the Silver Peak Global Management System (GMS).

GMS easily facilitates day-to-day administrative tasks across an entire distributed network of Silver Peak WANop products, including scheduled configuration backups, automatic software updates, and other vital management functions.

Newly added Silver Peak products can automatically register with GMS through zero-touch provisioning that allows administrators to deploy them with minimal onsite IT expertise. We also have an automated deployment wizard to help configure the products, and graphical tools to configure large networks with a simple point-and-click. Enterprise-wide policies, such as bandwidth contracts, can be created and applied using customized templates to ensure consistent configuration across numerous Silver Peak products – regardless of location.

Silver Peak’s VRX appliances support all popular Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) replication applications, and leverage all commonly used hypervisor technology, making it easy to deploy WAN optimization within existing data center environments.

If your organization doesn’t already have a WAN optimization solution, and you would like to relieve the stress and frustration caused by slow performing networks, applications that take too long to download, or data backups and replications that take forever to complete, check out Silver Peak. We can deliver on the promise of “Serenity Now.”