Optimize Celerra replication with EMC VNXe and Silver Peak VX-Xpress

Silver Bells for Silver Peak in EMC VNXe Environment

Optimize Celerra replication with EMC VNXe and Silver Peak VX-XpressLast week, I highlighted a cool deployment of the VX-Xpress being quickly and easily installed on HP switches at VMworld Copenhagen. This week, we look at another cool deployment by network and storage systems integrator “SSBrendan,” where he leverages VX-Xpress to help a client optimize Celerra replication with EMC VNXe.

SSBrendan’s client tried to replicate a few NFS volumes between an EMC VNXe located in Charlotte and another located in Atlanta, using the built-in replicator over a private 10Mbps circuit. At first, the client tried to accomplish this without Silver Peak in place. Bad idea. Why? The replication process saturated the link, resulting in a series of disconnects throughout the day.

SSBrendan came to the rescue and deployed Silver Peak’s VX-Xpress virtual WAN optimization appliance at both sites, with an instantaneous improvement in results.  hroughput was much more than the 4 Mbps the transfers consumed, and the reporting charts that accompanied SSBrendan’s Cool Deployment post tell the story. The “Sunday” set of graphics demonstrates how well VX-Xpress helped with the replication of an NFS datastore including about 15 Windows 7 VDI machines. The “Last 4 Hours” set shows replication of a large NFS datastore that contains more than 20 Windows servers of various configurations.

His next step is to encourage his client to buy a pair of VX-2000 10Mbps appliances – smart move!  Maybe Santa will drop them down the chimney for SSBrendan’s client??!!