Silver Peak and HCL Partner to Deliver Managed SD-WAN Services, Enabling Enterprises to Accelerate Digital Transformation Initiative

Today, most enterprise IT executives are in the process of implementing or developing a digital transformation strategy to support their business objectives. This is often accompanied by an adoption of a cloud-first strategy that supports on-demand access to any business application from anywhere and from any device, wherever the application resides. As we move ahead in this dynamic market, the digital enterprise, IOT, mobility and machine learning are the disruptive forces that lead us to reconsider the fundamental architecture of the enterprise wide area network or WAN.

A common question we hear from customers is, “can an SD-WAN help an enterprise accelerate this transformation?”

Legacy enterprise IT and network infrastructure was designed at a time when applications were hosted in on-premise data centers, and application traffic from the branch sites was backhauled to the data center. This is inefficient for today’s traffic patterns where there are requirements to access cloud-hosted applications from any branch using the internet; backhauling this traffic adds latency which impairs cloud application performance.

An SD-WAN enables enterprises to accelerate a shift from legacy network architectures to a new business-first networking model that optimizes the WAN more effectively and economically while ensuring high throughput, performance, availability, and security for all business applications. Basic SD-WAN solutions can support flexible WAN connectivity and improve performance, but fall short of delivering a high performance, fully automated, and cloud-optimized solution that a business-first network enables. With a business-first networking model, the network enables the business, rather than the business being forced to conform to the constraints of the network.

In this new multi-cloud era, businesses are faced with an entirely new set of questions and challenges. For example, how do they:

  • use the internet to connect users directly to ever-changing cloud applications?
  • continuously deliver a WOW application experience for every business-critical app even when there is packet loss?
  • keep up with changes to their WAN without manually configuring policies device-by-device?
  • deliver new applications to 1000s of sites, across multiple clouds, in 10 percent of the time?
  • see everything and always know which WAN issues to focus on across 1000s of sites?
  • reduce human error in a complex and ever-changing environment?

HCL partners with Silver Peak and employs the Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform as part of a comprehensive managed SD-WAN service that uniquely address all of these challenges. This enables enterprises to benefit from the highest quality performance of business-critical applications, including, for example, voice and video over broadband.

As a leading Global System Integrator (SI), HCL is considered a trusted advisor to many large enterprises, for implementing IT and digital transformation projects because they take an independent/agnostic approach to their customer’s business. HCL’s WAN expertise includes recommendations for implementing SD-WAN solutions and services. HCL’s approach is consultative when it comes to identifying and implementing end-to-end network services and transport network solutions. HCL incorporates leading SD-WAN vendor solutions that support HCL’s strategy to provide enterprises with a Transport Independent Site (TIS) framework for WAN solutions that are independent of the service provider and underlying transport network.

TIS helps transform today’s WAN to a next generation, intelligent WAN edge which can leverage any service provider’s transport service (MPLS, DIA, Broadband, LTE, DSL or satellite) and integrates application visibility, path conditioning, security, WAN optimization, cloud intelligence, advanced routing and flexible provisioning in a single flexible software-based platform. The EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform complements the TIS framework, and through continuous adaptation and the ability to improve the performance of underlying transport services, EdgeConnect delivers the highest performance and uninterrupted user access to applications and ongoing alignment with business intent.

By leveraging the EdgeConnect, HCL offers complete visibility and control of a customer’s WAN infrastructure by providing high network and application availability and resiliency. Real-time monitoring of transport networks is critical to ensuring revenue-driving applications are running at the highest levels of performance and are always available. With HCL managing the WAN, enterprise customers benefit from an independent analysis and update on how their transport networks are performing. In addition, HCL can rapidly deploy managed SD-WAN services since they are not concerned with installing/replacing WAN circuits.

HCL’s managed SD-WAN, powered by Silver Peak, brings immediate value to enterprise clients by enabling them to utilize existing WAN connectivity from any existing service provider. The service also supports HCL’s value-add WAN optimization-as-service, based on the unified Unity Boost TM  WAN optimization software, which ensures that there are no compromises for performance and latency of enterprise applications at locations that experience issues with degraded network conditions.

Through this strategic partnership, HCL’s managed SD-WAN service is available to enterprises globally. HCL can address the burgeoning demand from enterprise clients for a comprehensive SD-WAN service which can securely optimize the use of cloud-enabled applications and help accelerate the digital transformation process.