Silver Peak to Showcase Data Center Class WAN Optimization at EMC World

Silver Peak and EMC Accelerate Private Clouds with WANop

Today at EMC World in Las Vegas, Silver Peak made a major announcement with EMC in conjunction with the launch of EMC’s VPLEX Geo solution. The news is that Silver Peak’s award-winning WAN Optimization (WANop) solution now supports EMC’s VPLEX Geo storage federation technology, extending performance and cost savings for private clouds across geographically distributed data centers. We’re excited about the close collaboration we’ve had with EMC and expect that today’s news will further enhance this relationship.Silver Peak to Showcase Data Center Class WAN Optimization at EMC World

EMC chose to partner with Silver Peak for several reasons. First and foremost, we have a strong track record with data-center-class WAN optimization that is supported by our scalability and application agnostic architecture. Second, this application agnostic capability enabled us to optimize another “new” application, in this case VPLEX Geo. Our competition can’t match this and they will be scrambling to keep up. And finally, our data center virtual/software-only approach is extremely well-aligned with EMC’s private cloud vision of fluid resources on demand.

Why does this collaboration with EMC make sense for Silver Peak? Because all three of our value propositions are synergistic with those of the VPLEX Geo platform:

  • Network Memory – provides bandwidth reduction
  • Network Integrity – allows VPLEX Geo customers to use lower cost, shared WAN links
  • Network Acceleration – complements the VPLEX Geo capabilities for WAN latency mitigation to accelerate virtual machine migration

The benefits for EMC VPLEX customers of today’s announcement Silver Peak support are myriad. Silver Peak has proven in testing that it reduces bandwidth needs up to 20 times and reduces costs by 10 times resulting from the combination of bandwidth reduction and network integration. All of this is a big reason why we are the leader in EMC’s WAN optimization deployments, with hundreds of joint deployments on Symmetrix® Remote Data Facility/Asynchronous (SRDF®/A), Symmetrix Remote Data Facility/Data Mobility (SRDF/DM), SAN Copy™, Celerra® Replicator and RecoverPoint.

As you can see, Silver Peak and EMC are shattering barriers for application mobility and collaboration over geographically distributed environments. The tight integration of Silver Peak’s data-center-class WAN optimization with VPLEX Geo means customers can now use low-cost WAN infrastructure and achieve the same or better performance than on more expensive dedicated WAN links. The result is dramatic cost savings and increased flexibility that ensures “anytime, anywhere” access to applications and data around the world.