London Marathon Data With Silver Peak

Silver Peak Makes Fast Track for Marathon Data

I don’t get why people run marathons.  Didn’t Pheidippides, the Greek messenger for which the modern day term “marathon” was coined, collapse and die after completing his 26.2 mile run?

Yes, I understand that completing a marathon comes with an awesome sense of accomplishment.  And, I’ve heard about the “runners high” that people experience during a race.  But how many people actually feel like this guy when doing a full marathon?!?!London Marathon Data With Silver Peak

Clearly I am in a minority, though, as the Virgin London Marathon on April 22nd is expecting to host close to 40,000 runners.  Throw in thousands of support stuff and hundreds of thousands of spectators, and you are looking at one major event.

Have you ever wondered what type of IT infrastructure will be put in place to support this massive race?

On April 19th at 14:00 GMT, we will be hosting a webinar to give a peek behind the scenes at the Virgin London Marathon.  Silver Peak will be with Marathon Information Technology Services (ITS), the consultants responsible for the Virgin London Marathon’s IT infrastructure to discuss IT requirements, logistical challenges, key IT budget considerations, and the role of strategic IT technologies like virtual servers, virtual desktops, and WAN optimization

If you are interested in learning more, please register here to join this webinar.  Or read more in our latest press release.

image source: dan taylor (flickr) / CC-BY-SA