Silver Peak Agility integrates with VMware NSX

Silver Peak Integrates Agility with VMware NSX (Video)

Today Silver Peak announced a groundbreaking integration with VMware’s NSX network virtualization platform. This is a significant step forward in our Agility initiative, which extends our data acceleration capabilities beyond the networking audience and puts it in the hands of virtualization and application owners.

This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from our engineering team who integrated our VXOA and GMS software with VMware’s network virtualization APIs. By integrating with VMware’s production APIs, we are moving Agility from proof-of-concept and into the realm of real product for early adopters of the software defined data center.

Silver Peak Agility integrates with VMware NSXOne of the major themes at VMworld this year is the software defined data center, and in particular, the advance of virtualization from computing/servers and into networking. Our Agility initiative aligns perfectly with where VMware wants to go, and our announcement is being dovetailed into VMware’s formal introduction of VMware NSX, a platform for network virtualization.

Networking technology can be complex to implement through the eyes of non-networking IT personnel, but as the network transforms from a hardware model to a software delivery model, it becomes essential for non-networking professionals to enable and manage network services at-will. That is what Agility is all about. Our core competencies in WAN optimization and virtualization put Silver Peak in the unique position to help customers automate and optimize the deployment of virtualized network services across their software defined data centers.

We are one of a select few VMware network virtualization partners. Other VMware partners are focused on using the VMware APIs to redirect traffic to their hardware products.   Of course we can do that, but what’s really pioneering is redirecting traffic from VM to VM, and in particular from any workload to a Silver Peak VX instance, providing a data acceleration service where everything is completely in the software domain.

I like to explain our progression in the market in terms of three phases:

  • Phase 1: WAN optimization was delivered with hardware.  Silver Peak succeeded at this by focusing on the data center and high capacity links, with a unique software architecture providing a big performance advantage over our competitors.
  • Phase 2: The transition from a hardware to software delivery model.  Silver Peak is leading this transition, with software now accounting for more than half the units we sell.
  • Phase 3: Automating and accelerating the deployment of virtual network services. This is the work we are doing today with Agility and the integration with VMware.  It’s a profound change in how WAN optimization technology is consumed and deployed in the data center, allowing nearly anyone to do so with point and click ease.

I’ve never been more enthusiastic about the opportunity in front of us. Silver Peak has already demonstrated leadership in accelerating virtualized network services with WAN optimization software. Now we are partnering with VMware to address the next step: simplifying and automating the deployment of these services across virtualized data centers.