Silver Peak Project Wins Computer Weekly European User Award

CW awards networkingGreat news from across the pond as it has been announced that Silver Peak’s project with silicon and software platform provider, CSR, has won the “Private Sector Project Award” in the UK Computer Weekly European User Awards!

It’s great to be recognized by one of the UK’s most respectable IT publications, and this award is a terrific testimony to Silver Peak’s VXOA software abilities. More and more organizations are faced with the challenge of immediately accessing large volumes of data over long distances while dealing with escalating network traffic demands. In CSR’s case, Silver Peak helped improve the performance of interactive applications between the company’s network of 26 global offices, reducing network traffic and costs, while ensuring a consistent application experience for all employees.

These awards are independently judged and designed to recognize innovation in network design, implementation, and use of application to improve user business. According to the judges, “the project indicated a keen understanding of a challenge that affects many companies that have central repositories of data while operating across multiple countries.”

“Silver Peak demonstrated the implementation of a technology in an innovative fashion for an organisation clearly affected by network challenges in relation to their business demands,” said judges.

More information on our project and the awards can be found here: Computer Weekly European User Awards for Networking: Winners