Virtualized Network Services

Silver Peak Record Year Propelled by Software

Virtualized Network ServicesSilver Peak just wrapped up a record fourth quarter and fiscal year 2013 that was fueled by increased demand for our virtualized software products. We achieved record sales for new and repeat customers, and saw a big increase in Riverbed Steelhead competitive wins and replacements.

In the news release issued today, Silver Peak CEO David Hughes said, “Silver Peak is at the forefront of the biggest disruption in networking, where the deployment model is shifting from hardware to more flexible and cost-effective virtualized software.” He added, “Our joint competence in WAN optimization and virtualization puts us in the best possible position to address the data mobility needs of customers today and in the future as they make the transition to virtualized network services.”

Virtualization has truly propelled our business. Virtual sales grew 241% year-over-year and virtual WAN optimization software units sold now exceeds 50%, which is up from less than 5% two years ago! That’s undeniable momentum and a transformation unlike any other in networking. This also included a record number of virtual deployments in production data centers.

The entire team was also excited to see the increase in Riverbed Steelhead competitive wins and replacements, which more than doubled in the year. The economics dictate that it’s simply more cost-effective to deploy Silver Peak than it is to deploy Riverbed…period.  In fact today, customers can switch to Silver Peak software for the cost of Riverbed maintenance alone and get equal or better performance for any of their applications.

And if you thought virtualized data acceleration isn’t for the branch office, you obviously haven’t seen the Dell PowerEdge VRTX. This is one sweet piece of gear. It’s basically the branch office box (BoB) of the future with high-performance server, storage and networking that’s virtualization-ready for the branch. That’s why Dell selected Silver Peak as its exclusive WAN optimization partner for VRTX, with Silver Peak VX virtual software order-able on VRTX through Dell.

Silver Peak’s strong results and growing list of global competitive wins affirm that Silver Peak is the go-to solution for data acceleration. Whether its our Software-for-Life upgrade program that allows customers to buy hardware today and switch to virtual anytime for free; or our cloud acceleration by-the-hour via Amazon Web Services (AWS); or our VRX product line that lets storage pros acceleration offsite replication quickly and easily…Silver Peak offers the most flexible and cost-effective options for data acceleration.