cloud WAN optimization

Silver Peak Sways Finding in UK Law Firm’s Move to Cloud

cloud WAN optimizationIn the court of technological success, cloud initiatives are highly dependent on underlying WAN infrastructure. But whereas WANs are often plagued by bandwidth limitations, latency, and packet loss, in the case of the Cloud vs. Thomson Snell & Passmore, Silver Peak’s data center class WAN optimization has swayed the decision in favor of the U.K.-based law firm.

The facts of the case are undisputed. By deploying Silver Peak’s data center class WAN optimization across both its branch offices and its hosted data center, Thomson Snell & Passmore has not only simplified its migration to a cloud-based infrastructure, but also has reduced its data network operating costs, while ensuring a consistent desktop experience throughout the firm’s distributed environment.

Working with one of Silver Peak’s leading U.K. solution providers, Response Data Communications (RDC), Thomson Snell & Passmore relies on Silver Peak to ensure network stability and guarantee the operational and financial success of its business critical applications, which includes Microsoft Office 10, SharePoint, and Pilgrim Systems Lawsoft (PMS)…all delivered via Citrix XenApps and leveraged on the firm’s brand new, best-practice-based MPLS network.

Silver Peak also helped Thomson Snell & Passmore overrule any objections of applications  functioning well in a cloud environment, especially when delivered using virtual desktop protocols, such as Citrix. Plus, Silver Peak enabled Thomson Snell & Passmore to migrate its legacy data to the new infrastructure in a matter of days instead of weeks—over 3.5 million  documents, mailboxes, and records!

The verdict? Maximum cloud performance for the widest range of applications and distributed WAN environments.