WANop with Cisco Routers: Simple is Better

Last week, we focused on a VX-Xpress “Cool Deployment” from RichardMac, which included about 1,000 words and several charts on optimizing satellite WANs. It’s a very cool post, and this week, we want to show you that “short and sweet” is okay too.

In a brief post, VX-Xpress user “Nlertn” commented that his company deployed VX-Xpress out-of-path on a network that included Cisco routers on both ends.  “It was as simple as setting up a normal outpath configuration, using the help on the (Silver Peak) website.”

That’s what we like to hear!

His company is now able to eliminate Symantec branch servers, with all clients receiving uploads from one Symantec server.  This approach is significantly faster than the company’s previous configuration and also saves bandwidth.

Another great VX-Xpress deployment in action.  The possibilities seem limitless.  Try VX-X yourself today!