Smaller, Quieter WAN Optimization for the Branch

A major challenge for distributed enterprises is providing branch office users with consistent application performance and reliability. But in many of these remote office locations, often in the retail space, some hardware just won’t fit in the smaller telco racks in their stores. And in environments where a networking closet doesn’t exist, fan noise can be a major consideration.

With the introduction of the Silver Peak NX-700, IT organizations can easily, and quietly, optimize branch connectivity with minimal space requirements.

The Silver Peak NX-700 is designed to optimize 2 megabits-per-second (Mbps) of WAN capacity in a form factor the size of a paperback novel. The NX-700 is the physical equivalent to Silver Peak’s VX-500 virtual appliance, which also supports 2 Mbps of WAN bandwidth and 8,000 simultaneous connections. For smaller locations without existing virtual infrastructure, the NX-700 provides a plug-and-play physical option for extending WAN optimization to the branch.

The NX-700 can accelerate file transfers, improve communication quality, and with Dynamic Path Control capabilities, can deliver responsive access to cloud services without having to backhaul traffic through a central data center.

Customers can order this product today via Silver Peak’s global network of resale partners. The list pricing is $1,995. If virtual is your preference, the the VX-500 can be downloaded and purchased from the Silver Peak software marketplace for as little as $551/year.

The NX-700 complements Silver Peak’s already broad portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimization solutions, which are sized for the smallest of branch offices to the world’s largest data centers, supporting up to 10 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of WAN capacity and 512,000 simultaneous flows. While the Silver Peak NX-700 is small and low-cost, it provides all of the same functionality of Silver Peak’s larger appliances for overcoming network bandwidth, distance and quality challenges when moving data over distance.